About Gerhard Gruber

Gerhard Gruber performing at the Aero Theatre, Los AngelesGerhard Gruber is an Austrian composer and piano player. As accompanist for silent movies he has become the leading authority in Austria since 1988.

The silent movie artist has performed for about 450 different films (LA Jewish Film Festival 2012, American Cinemateque/ Aero Theatre 2012, Mumbai-Pune/ India/ 2012, Washington-Los Angeles/ USA 2011, Delhi-Pune-Goa/ India 2011, Tokyo 2006/ 2007/ 2008 (Midori Sawato), Hobart/ Australia 2007-09, Rotorua/ New Zealand 2008, Padova, Motovun Film Festival 2007, Cineconcerts Bordeaux 2005, Filmfestival Pisek/CZ 2009/11, Filmfestival Uherske Hradiste 2009/11, Viennale 1999-2004, Munich, Hamburg, Diagonale).

Since 1983 Gerhard Gruber is working and performing as a composer and musician for theatre.
Awards: 2006: “Nestroypreis”, 2008: “Landeskulturpreis Upper Austria”


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